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  Hello!  I’m Elizabeth!  Yep, that’s right.  My first name is really Elizabeth, but my parents had to make things complicated and call me by my middle name my whole life 😉  So really, I’m Ashley!  Welcome to my website/blog.  I am so glad you have found your way to my site.  Grab a cup of coffee (or hot chocolate if you’re like me and are the only person on earth that doesn’t like coffee) and browse through my site getting to know my work a little more!

I am 32 years old (and may stay that old for a long time if I don’t update this page every year 😉 ).  I have been married to the love of my life for 10 years, and we have 4 amazing kiddos (3 girls and a boy). This past year I took on the role of being “teacher” to our 4 kids and started homeschooling.  We live in the small town of Fort Wayne, IN and although there are many times that I would love to live on a beach or somewhere where the weather is a little nicer, this small town is perfect for raising our kiddos and being close to our families whom we love so much!

My journey to photography…I honestly started photography, like most people do,  when I became a mom.  Surprisingly, I didn’t even ask for my first “big girl” camera! My sweet mother in law just surprised me with one for Christmas.  I’ve always had an artsy side to me but never picked up a camera (well, except for a disposable camera haha!  What would we have done without those?! ).  After having our first girl (7 years ago), I wanted to capture every single move that my daughter took and never wanted to forget it, so that’s what I did.  I literally took hundreds of pictures of her every single day.  She will never forget her life as a baby! Like, ever.  As I was taking those photos of her everyday, I got more and more curious about taking even better photos of her, and that’s where my journey began.  If you know me at all, you know that I am an all in or all out type of a girl so when I took the leap in researching, I researched and researched and researched.  I spent endless hours trying to master my camera and learn MY style.  After many hours of practicing and researching, Ashley Sommer Photography developed.  So, here I am doing what I love and am passionate about!

I am a natural light photographer who specializes in newborns, children and families. My goal is to capture real life in photograph form.  I want my newborn sessions to be calm and relaxing for the parents where they get to rest their sleepy eyes and tired arms, and I get to capture their sweet babies at this precious stage that goes by so quickly. I want my family sessions to be natural and fun.  I want to capture the every day moments; the ones that all too often go missed and unnoticed. Yes, we all love the perfectly posed, everyone smiling, and looking perfect poses but the in-between kisses, hugs, hand holding, hair flying, loud giggles, and toothless grins are what I want to capture most.  You being you as a family, naturally.

Most importantly, I love the Lord and everyday am striving to be closer to Him. I dislike coffee (even the slightest hint of a coffee taste).  I love anything crafty. I REALLY dislike too much bass in the car (yes, the thumping noise makes my head hurt ha!). I used to be a hairstylist before my photography journey, and I did both up until almost 2 years ago. I am a junk food addict. I can’t stand being barefoot in a house so I always have shoes or cozy socks on. I am NOT a writer or reader. I love fashion. I love black and white photos, and I love my family with all my being.

I am so excited to meet all of you and can’t wait to translate your life into photographs that will capture glimpses of the ones you love most!

What’s in my bag…

canon 5d mark III

50mm 1.2L

85mm 1.2L

100mm 2.8

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