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Cahill- family

I don’t get to photograph too many new families anymore, but I was so glad I was able to squeeze this sweet familyView full post »

Springer- family

I photographed this family when little miss was just a year old and we have been trying for a couple years to get themView full post »

Byanski- family

Oh goodness.  This family is so adorable and we had the perfect night.  You never know what kind of weather you willView full post »

Fry- family/1 yr

This family, I can’t say enough good things about them.  I have captured a lot of memories for them, and I’View full post »

Carver- 3 months

I typically don’t do 3 month sessions, but there’s always exceptions.  This boy has been through quite aView full post »

Couch- family

This little girl was THE cutest newborn and now she is the cutest little toddler!  I loved photographing this familyView full post »

Thomas- family

I have photographed this gorgeous family a few times but this was the first time meeting the youngest boy.  He and myView full post »

Sommer- family

This is my brother in law and sister in law and their precious boys!  We squeezed in a last minute session and it wasView full post »

Weade- family

This family is just precious!  I have watched their little man grow over the past 2 years and I love it!  You canView full post »

Nagel- family

Pretty much every family I photograph are repeat clients and this family is no exception.  They have been with me forView full post »

Sturges- family

I have photographed this family several times but this was the first time meeting the new little man.  When he was bornView full post »

Carpenter- family

Do I get to photograph the most gorgeous families or what?!  It was a gorgeous night with a sweet family.  Enjoy! &View full post »

Byers- family

The sweetest family! Sweet baby John was determined to not show me his sweet smile this particular night but he sure isView full post »

Campbell- family

A gorgeous family full of handsome boys!  I loved seeing this family again this year and we had the most beautifulView full post »

Dixon- family

I have photographed this gorgeous family for several years.  We’ve had everything from freezing temperatures to aView full post »

Pullen- family

This sweet family drives almost 2 hours to see me every year and I am so thankful!!  I love watching their little manView full post »

Olsen- family

It was my first evening of the year spent at the apple orchard!  I love photographing at the orchard and I love thisView full post »

McMeeking- family

This mam always has this family looking perfect for their session. Every year I get to capture them and every year it&#View full post »

Kellams- family

If you are new here then you may not know that I was a hairstylist before I became a photographer.  This mama was myView full post »

Heisler- family

This family has some amazing genes.  I’m not sure it’s fair to have this many handsome boys in one familyView full post »

Redmaster- family

It was a gorgeous night with this gorgeous family!! I loved seeing them again!  Enjoy!  View full post »

Michalek- family

Another precious boy that I have gotten to watch grow over this past year.  He is one happy boy and made my job veryView full post »

Nolan- 1yr

I have watched all 3 of these boys grow up and this session was to document the baby turning 1!  Such handsome boysView full post »

Rehrer- family

This sweet boy was just not himself for our first session so we ended up calling it a night and trying again a few daysView full post »

Lawrence- family

Another amazing family that I get to see every year.  They are one of the sweetest families and I absolutely loveView full post »

Owen- family

I have photographed the littlest man a few times but this was the first time I got to capture this whole family.  ItView full post »

Nagel- family

This family is so precious to me. I have been photographing them for several years and I just love seeing them everyView full post »

Reusser- family

I’m not sure how, but, every year this family’s session gets better and better.  Their girls are so muchView full post »

Waterson- family

This past month we went on vacation with my whole family and we ended up sneaking in a quick session on the beach withView full post »

Chard- family

Another newborn client of mine who grew extremely fast! This little one just turned one!  I’m a sucker for thumbView full post »