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Reid- newborn

Reid was my last session of the year!  He was so handsome and was a good little boy!  Enjoy his preview! View full post »

Brecken- newborn

This beautiful boy just happens to be my new nephew!  He was a rockstar at his session last week for his auntie!  LoveView full post »

Adalee- 1 yr

I photographed this sweet girl when she was just a newborn and it’s so incredible to me how fast time flies.  IView full post »

Brandy- belly

Isn’t this mama to be just gorgeous.  I don’t do a ton of maternity sessions and this as my first “View full post »

Louise- newborn

This sweet girl had a hard time at her session the other day but her sweet face made up for it.  She has 2 handsomeView full post »

Kate- newborn

This girl was scrumptious!  So so squishy and molded into her poses just perfectly.  Big sisters joined in on a coupleView full post »

Clayton- 1 yr

I have so enjoyed capturing this dude as he has grown this past year.  He’s pretty much a baby model!  Such aView full post »

Josie- newborn

Precious Josie was almost 5 weeks old when i got my hands on her.  The flu trickled down her family line pushing our 2View full post »

Emery- 1 yr

I photographed this sweet girl when she was a newborn and the day i photographed her it was her 1st birthday!!  TimeView full post »

Lily- newborn

An amazing little girl who slept like a champ!!  These babies have such a special place in my heart! enjoy her previewView full post »

Adalyn- newborn

A beautiful little girl entered my “studio” the other day and she was prefect!  enjoy her preview! View full post »

Harper- 6 months

I photographed this sweet girl when she was a newborn and she is still a petite sweet little girl!  enjoy her previewView full post »

David- 6 months

This little guy was so smiley and happy.  Such a sweet boy!  Enjoy his preview!  View full post »

Luke- newborn

This guy was such a sweetie yesterday.  Another perfect newborn full of squishiness.  enjoy his preview! View full post »

Shafer- family

this family braced the frigid cold with me the other night and they were such troopers!  Such a sweet family!View full post »

Aria- newborn

These sweet newborns have been so good to me lately!  Another precious baby girl that was fabulous at her session!  View full post »

Charlie- 6 months

This sweet boy was a little ray of sunshine the other day.  Enjoy his preview! View full post »

Pasalich- family

This was the second time I have photographed this beautiful family.  A family full of 4 beautiful boys!  Enjoy theirView full post »

Aiden- 1 yr

How cute are these cheeks?  We worked really hard for these smiles the other night but a gorgeous night it was!  enjoyView full post »

Vivienne- newborn

This sweet girl was so much fun to pose the other day.  She was so petite and had the sweetest little face! Enjoy herView full post »

Seiss- Family

This family was originally scheduled for a few weeks ago but due to some rainy nasty weather we had to reschedule.  TheView full post »

Annie- 1 yr

Miss Annie was a hoot the other night!  I think she made every facial expression in the book but her favorite one wasView full post »


I have photographed both of these kiddos since they were newborns and I love capturing them every single time!  Such aView full post »

Maxin- 6 months

Go ahead and get it out…”His Hair!!!”  Is he not the cutest thing?!  I photographed this sweet boyView full post »

Macy- newborn

I’m not gonna lie, i was a little out of sorts when this little one showed up at my house.  I arrived home a halfView full post »

Reusser- family/maternity

Another night with some pretty iffy weather but it ended up in our favor!  This sweet family is expecting their 3rdView full post »

Owen- 1 yr

This was my 3rd time photographing this sweet boy and it has been such a joy to watch him grow!  We did his sessionView full post »

Kaylee & Kiptyn- newborn twins

Look at these sweet babies!! It’s been a while since I have had twins and even though it’s a lot of work atView full post »

Ashley- belly

This is my beautiful sister in law due with my new nephew in a couple months!  I am so excited to meet this little manView full post »

Sommer- family

I did a couple quick shoots for some family this past weekend!  Love this family dearly! View full post »

Heuer- family

This beautiful family is some of our amazing friends!  We spent alot of nights together before we had kids (and once weView full post »

Ben- newborn

This sweet boy spent some time in the NICU and when he came to see was up to 6 lbs!  He was so good for his session!  View full post »

Mia- 1yr

The last time I saw this cutie she was a teeny tiny newborn.  Now she is the big 1 and cuter than ever!  Enjoy herView full post »

layton- newborn

How scrumptious is this guy?!  He was so good at our session today and who doesn’t love a baby with some CHEEKSView full post »

Carpenter- family

This family.  They were picture perfect last night.  Every single one of them are more than beautiful and we had soView full post »

Brinnley- 1yr

You may remember this beautiful face from several months ago when i photographed her as a 4 month old. We have had toView full post »