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Hannah and Bennett- newborn twins

Every time I get an email about twins I get so excited and a little nervous all at the same time.  Photographing oneView full post »

Clayton- newborn

Mr. Clayton was my second newborn of the day yesterday.  We had to work really hard for these poses but how cute is heView full post »

Kale- newborn

Yesterday I took on 2 newborns and Kale was my first of the day.  He was a rockstar just like his older sister was atView full post »

Emery- newborn

this sweet baby girl was such a sweetie.  We did some “holidayish” set-ups and she look precious in themView full post »

Isla- 6 months

Little miss Isla is 6 months and adorable as ever!  I love 6 months and Isla modeled for me perfectly  So thankful theView full post »

Cindy- maternity

This girl was absolutely beautiful the other night.  We took some of just her and her adorable growing belly first andView full post »

Preston- newborn

Meet little Preston, the baby boy with an amazing amount of hair!!  Seriously,!  Preston wanted to giveView full post »

Callie – 6 months

Little miss callie was a happy little thing!  She came with lots of smiles and was such a joy to photograph!  EnjoyView full post »


Hello all my sweet clients  I have had yet another amazing year meeting new clients and seeing old clients that I loveView full post »

Evan- 1 yr

sweet sweet evan!  The last time I saw this little man was when he was a newborn and I was so excited when his mommaView full post »

Piper- newborn

I was so honored to be able to photograph this little cutie yesterday.  Her momma is the owner of Anomaly-photographyView full post »

Vivien/Pheonix- 1yr

These sweet babies are so precious!  I photographed them as newborns and again at 4 months and now they are a year oldView full post »

Nikki- Belly

This session is from last week but I am just now able to sit down and blog it!  I don’t do many maternity photosView full post »

Johnson- family

I have photographed these sweet kiddos a few times but this morning was the first time we got the whole family in someView full post »

Braelynn/zayden- siblings

how sweet are these two munchkins!  They were so adorable and I made a few friends by the end of the session.  I am soView full post »

Kiera- 18 months

This sweet girls momma and I went to beauty school together(i was a hairstylist for 8(ish) years) and she just happenedView full post »

Bowersock- family

Oh my, i loved this session!  LOVED LOVED.  We have had some up and down weather and tonight was just perfect!  TheView full post »

Elliot- 1 yr

It’s Elliot!!  He is a big 1 yr old now and was so stinkin cute tonight!  Every time we would start singing &#View full post »

Owen- newborn

This little guy was so sweet! Half way through the session he decided to open his eyes for a bit so I was able toView full post »

Christian- 6 months

You may remember this little guy from just a few short months ago!  He is 6 months now and getting ready to crawl!!!  View full post »

Kate- 1 yr

I am a little behind on blogging as november has been just as busy as October was.  I feel so blessed to be so busy andView full post »


These beautiful kids belong to one of my good friends.  They came over for a play date this past week and i snapped aView full post »

Mcmeeking- family

I have photographed these kiddos several times and tonight I got to photograph the whole family for the first time!  IView full post »

Sylvie- child/family

I seriously get to photograph some of the most beautiful children!  This little girl was just stunning!  The wholeView full post »

Sarah- newborn

How sweet is this baby girl?!  She was an absolute angel at her session and was just a tiny little thing!  Enjoy herView full post »

Braedon- children

This is my husbands other sister and her little guy.  I did a little shoot with the both of them this past weekend andView full post »

Miner- family

This is my husbands sister and her beautiful family!  We headed out this past weekend for their annual family shoot toView full post »

Pine- family

I have known this family for several years now and their little girl and my oldest girl have become friends over theView full post »

Klopfenstein- family

This is Salome from Salome photography and her beautiful family.  Her and I have been talking for quite some time aboutView full post »

Dixon- family

I headed out last night and met up with this sweet family.  Everything started out great, i took individuals and thenView full post »

Ella-6 months

This little one was just perfect yesterday.  She was such a happy little thing!  I’ll say it again…6View full post »

Holden- newborn

Little Holden came to his session all bright eyed today and definitely kept an eye on me the whole session.  He was aView full post »

Pasalich- family

This family was so great the other night.  4 boys meant for a high energy shoot which also meant i needed to work fastView full post »

Parker- newborn

This little (or big…over 8 lbs) guy did great at his session!  Dad had one special request for his session andView full post »

Brady- 18 months

I can’t believe mr brady is 18 months already!  This was my third time photographing him and he had more energyView full post »

Koons- family

Busy season is in full swing and last night i got to spend some time with this beautiful family.  This was my 2nd timeView full post »