Monthly Archives: May 2011

Riley- 8 months

This sweet little girl was so happy and LOVED her tongue! Her tongue was out in every.single.picture.  It was so cuteView full post »

Casey family

This family was gorgeous!  The little girl was 3 and a half and with that age you never know what you are going to getView full post »

Pentsos girls- family

These girls were troopers!!  I had no idea how horrible the mosquitos were going to be, and let me tell you, they wereView full post »

Nolan-3 months

This little family was so sweet!  3 months can be a little difficult to photograph because they aren’t quiteView full post »

Julie- Maternity

This girl makes me a little jealous!  She is sporting a 38 week belly in these pictures and went to the doctor todayView full post »

Violet- Newborn

Little Violet Love…baby love.  Yes, that is her name.  How sweet is that?  Her momma loves the color purple andView full post »

Jace- 6 months

I’ll say it a million times…6 months is such a great age to get photographs of your little ones.  They areView full post »

Levi- 1yr

This is my 3rd time photographing little levi and he is the big ONE.  I can’t believe he is ONE already!  I loveView full post »

Hailey- 8 yrs

I am so used to shoots where I chase the little kids around, act ridiculous, and get a good workout for the night.  View full post »

Gavin- 1yr

Gavin is 1!  I am so glad Marcia contacted me about gavin’s 1 yr pics.  Gavin’s parents just built a newView full post »

Jayden- 2 yrs

Little Jayden was the energizer bunny.  I don’t think his little feet stopped moving the entire session!  TheView full post »

Cory-18 months

This little guy is just a couple days older than my youngest little girl.  I still can’t believe our babies areView full post »

“K” family

This family was so sweet and miranda did an awesome job putting their outfits together.  I am so glad that I got toView full post »