Mcmeeking- family

This family.  They are all so gorgeous and dressed so perfectly!  We had a gorgeous night and I got a little change ofView full post »

Nash and Brinley- newborn twins

These sweet babies were so good to me the other day!  They slept the whole time and barely made any messes on my stuffView full post »

Abby- 1yr/family

Another happy 1 yr old!  She was a walker and thought she was pretty big stuff when she did walk.  All she did wasView full post »

Isla- 1 yr/family

Miss Isla!  She was a hoot at her session and I loved getting to see her again!  I photographed her in her mama’View full post »

Mae- newborn

Sweet little Mae had a rough time at her session.  It’s not often that I get a little one that anything we do orView full post »

Hudson- newborn

Isn’t this boy handsome?!  This whole family is gorgeous!! I swear I photograph the most gorgeous people in FortView full post »


I have photographed this family a few times over the past few years and every time they come looking absolutely gorgeousView full post »

Juliana- newborn

This little one was so gorgeous and you may recognize the whole family from a recent maternity/1yr shoot I did with themView full post »

Anderson- family

This sweet family was back for the little ones 6 month photos and we incorporated in some family shots and shots ofView full post »

Emeline- newborn

This sweet girl is the third and last little newborn for this family.   I have loved getting to photograph all theirView full post »

Hadley- newborn

Loved meeting this family yesterday and miss Hadley did wonderful at her session!  Enjoy her preview! View full post »

Farrah- 6 months

I was glad to see this precious girl again!  She has the sweetest personality and I just love her dainty features!View full post »

Mina- newborn

A precious baby girl!  Loved her and this session!  Enjoy! View full post »

Knox- newborn

This boy was perfect.  He had a rad name, rad hair,  slept the whole session, and his daddy brought his firefighterView full post »

Addison- 2 yr

I am so glad I got to see this girl and her family again this year!  It was a gorgeous night and they were perfect.  View full post »

Mason- 1yr

I photographed this sweet boy when he was  a newborn and another year flew by and now he is 1!  Such a sweet boy!  View full post »

Neal- family

This family exceeded my expectations of a family with 5 kids.  I honestly was going into it thinking it could possiblyView full post »

Dylan and Demi- newborn

I always get a little excited and anxious when I get to photograph twins.  I’m not going to lie, they are a lotView full post »

Regan- family

I photographed this family a few years ago and was so glad they contacted me again!  I went out to their beautiful homeView full post »

CJ- newborn

Oh CJ, your little lip is going to get you whatever you want!   He was scrumptious!View full post »

Jacob- newborn

Isn’t he gorgeous?! I love that he was awake for a couple in the beginning!  Precious boy!  View full post »

Dixon- family

I have photographed this family every year for the past 3 years and I love getting to see them each year!  Last year weView full post »

Mayer- family

Another gorgeous family!  Mom brought a trunk full of clothes and accessories with her and right before they shoot weView full post »

Crabill- family

I have had so many rescheduled shoots this spring due to either rain or crazy winds.  This family was one of them thatView full post »

Tennison- 1 year

I have had quite a few 1 yr olds lately and this little guy had no fear.  None.  The more props I got out for him toView full post »

Harper- 1 year

I have watched this sweet girl grow this past year and she is the cutest little thing!  Love her sweet personality andView full post »

Asher- 1 year

I got to photograph this dude when he was a newborn and now he is  a big 1 yr old.  So crazy how fast a year can go!!View full post »

Reese- newborn

Another sweet boy!!  He was perfect and beautiful!!  Enjoy his preview! View full post »

Glassley- family

This was my first family session of the year and they all just looked perfect and were so well behaved! I hadView full post »

Levi- newborn

Here I am again, so behind on blogging!  Get ready for 9 new sessions to be blogged!! This little guy was absolutelyView full post »

Harriet- newborn

This sweet girl was amazing today.  Didn’t make a sound, didn’t pee or poop on anything and folded any wayView full post »

Brinley- 1 yr

Miss Brinley.  She always knocks my socks off at her sessions.  I think she is the most stylish, well behaved 18 monthView full post »

Carter- 1 yr

Another little one I have watched grow and he brought his personality to his 1 yr session!  love all the expressionsView full post »

Adelyn- newborn

This precious girls session had to be pushed back due to my kiddos getting sick and me not wanting to risk passing it onView full post »

Declan- newborn

This sweet boy was full of facial expressions at his session!  Loved photographing him!  enjoy! View full post »

Aubrey- 1 yr

This will be my 3rd time photographing aubrey this year and I just love watching her (and her family) grow!  Her eyesView full post »